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Graffiti Tracker is a comprehensive, web-based system designed to identify, track, prosecute and seek restitution from graffiti vandals. The system is primarily used by Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Public Works Agencies.
  • The program provides clients with GPS-enabled digital cameras to photograph incidents of graffiti.
  • Photos are uploaded to a secure, web-based system and analyzed within 24 hours of submission.
  • The system can identify whether graffiti is gang-related and alert law enforcement to potential threats.
The system has mapping capabilities that allow users to:
  • View activity from individual vandals or specific crews or gangs.
  • The system uses each photo’s GPS coordinates to plot graffiti incidents on an interactive map.
The system allows users to:
  • Store all information about graffiti crimes and abatement in one location.
  • Link vandals to multiple incidents and increase the amount or restitution collected.
  • Instantly generate reports that show the most active taggers and gangs.
  • Access vital information, such as the name of the moniker or crew, total square feet of damage, surface type and location for each incident.

How Citizens Can Report Graffiti:

SANDAG/ARJIS has teamed up with 2-1-1 SAN DIEGO to help spread the world on how to report Graffiti.

If you see Graffiti in your Neighborhood, please call 2-1-1 to report it.

When graffiti is reported, 2-1-1 can get this information to local governments to follow-up with clean-up and investigation of the graffiti.

To report Graffiti call 2-1-1 or go to Graffiti Abatement ( to fill out a form online.


County Wins Golden Watchdog for Leading Graffiti Fight

Tracking Graffiti One Tag at a Time (Click to open YouTube video in a new window)

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association honored the County with their highest award, a Grand Golden Watchdog, for a regional program that helps authorities catch, prosecute and recover costs from prolific graffiti vandals who damage property and degrade our quality of life. The Taxpayer Association called The San Diego County Multi-Discipline Graffiti Abatement Program which uses Graffiti Tracker “groundbreaking” and recognized the County for its success in capturing restitution from graffiti vandals.

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Latest Graffiti Tracker News:

Brazen Graffiti Teen Ordered to Pay $17K in Restitution

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The graffiti vandal who was linked to more than 60 cases of graffiti in San Diego, including the time he tagged the very courtroom in which he was being prosecuted for vandalism has been ordered to pay $17,000 in Restitution.

Graffiti Tracker Success Stories

Vista city officials says their Graffiti Tracker system linked tagger “DASE” to more than 500 graffiti incidents. DASE has cost the city more than $154,000 in cleanup cost.

Three members of Ramona –based tagging group, “MAD” or “Making Art Daily,” were arrested on charges of felony vandalism. The arrest concluded a five-month investigation by Ramona Sheriff’s detectives into 131 incidents of graffiti in Ramona and Poway that resulted in $82,000 in damages. The investigation utilized Graffiti Tracker, which assist detectives with documenting graffiti and identifying suspects.


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