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ARJIS Governance
IACP - LPR Privacy Impact Assessment
ARJIS Public Records Act Guidelines
Sharing Public Transportation Agency data with Law Enforcement Agencies

      Established in December of 1980, ARJIS, a Joint Powers Agency (JPA) formed under 6500 of the CA government Code, provides a criminal justice enterprise information system to the San  Diego region. The ARJIS governance structure initially included the Board of Directors comprised of a primary and alternate elected official from each of the 18 Cities and the County, the Management Committee, with executive level representation from the 10 data contributing member agencies, and the Business, Technical and Crime Analysis Committees.
      In 2004, ARJIS was consolidated with SANDAG and the JPA was modified to include the formation of the Public Safety Committee, replacing the ARJIS Board of Directors with representation by elected officials, law enforcement executives, emergency medical services, and homeland security officials. Governed by the Public Safety Committee (PSC) who advises the SANDAG Board of Directors, SANDAG is the only place where all of the jurisdictions (the 18 cities and the county) sit at the table and have a voice in decision-making.

FBI CJIS Security Policy
CA DOJ CLETS Policies, Practices, and Procedures
Data Sharing MOU with CMA signatures
ARJIS Joint Powers Agreement 2023 with Fee Schedule
Officer Notification System Policy


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