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What is ARJIS?
The Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) was created as a Joint Powers Agency to share information among justice agencies throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties, California. ARJIS has evolved into a complex criminal justice enterprise network used by 80+ local, state, and federal agencies in the two California counties that border Mexico. The ARJIS governance structure promotes data sharing and cooperation at all levels for member agencies, from chiefs to officers to technical staff.

ARJIS is responsible for major public safety initiatives, including wireless access to photos, warrants, and other critical data in the field, crime and sex offender mapping, crime analysis tools evaluation, and an enterprise system of applications that help users solve crimes and identify offenders. ARJIS also serves as the region's information hub for officer notification, information sharing, and the exchange, validation, and real-time uploading of many types of public safety data.

  • Cross jurisdictional data sharing enhances crime series identification & results in better informed policy decisions
  • Real time data expedites case closures
  • Common validation codes and geo-services for data standardization
  • Standardized UCR classification and reporting
  • Economies of scale with pooled resources and shared enterprise licenses & procurements
  • Business Case by Independent Consultant: Annual Savings = $13,871,167


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